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Welcome to the preview page of Disabled planet.

Here you can find out what we offer you as a member. On Disabled planet you find thousands of well sorted pictures from Every kind of disability. Male and Female. We offer Amputee, Wheelchair, Brace, plaster cast, Blind, Polio, and much more pictures. All of those pictures are sorted according to category. An example: The category Amputees; is separated into 2 parts. First by gender, then by kind of amputations. (toes, fingers, above the knee, below the knee, multiple, above elbow, below the elbow, one of each, sensual, etc...).

 Disabled planet works with a lot of different disabled models. Every week there are new updates on Disabled planet. So, the amount of over 84.000 pictures and over 87.000 totally online files grows by day.

Since we work with many disabled models. That means that we offer you a lot of materials that you will not find on any other sites, models that work exclusive for Disabled planet.
Near that we offer you also medical downloadable software and even E-Books and games. Yes, those books, software and games have all to do with disability. (Card games with amputees in? Yes, we have it!)

Disabled planet keeps the membership prices very low, so everyone have the chance to become a member.
As a member, you will not find only 'just pictures' and 'just movies'. We try to offer you the highest quality, and when it come to our own models, then we always make pictures and movies in the best qualities.

If you are looking for historical and very old pictures from the early 18-1900'; They are online. Are you looking for medical, surgery or other pictures and movies? They are online. Are you interested in male or female; We have thousands and thousands of pictures online from both genders;
Are you looking for articles and text files, disability and amputee oriented? There are thousands of article scans online. Newspapers, magazines; In English, German, French, Dutch, ...

All our pictures are thumb nailed; That mean that you first can take a preview of every picture and movie, before you open the original sized file.

Not sure about becoming a member today? We offer a trial memberships from 2 days. Not satisfied? Then you easily can cancel your membership at any time.

Here on the right side, you have a preview of some older submitted pictures in different female sections. For more and other submitted pictures, please scroll down, and find out much more submissions and model pictures. Please, know that this is only a preview page. Behind 'the members wall', you will find over 84.000 well sorted pictures, ALL Disability and Amputee oriented.

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As a member of Disabled Planet:

As a member, will I have access to all the thousands (right now over 84.000 pictures already) of Amputee and Disability Pictures?
As a member, will I be able to download (save) all the pictures?

As a member, can I have access to all files, and even download the files?
If I only sign up for a trial membership, will I be able to have full access too, to every file, picture and film?
As a member, can I see and download full exclusive picture sets inn high quality from new models?
Are there in the members area pictures from females and males with a Disability?
Are there in the members area pictures from every kind of disability as: amputees, wheelchair users, brace users, people with other disabilities as blind, Siamese twins, plaster casts and more?
As a member of this site, will I be able to get in contact with the models of Disabled Planet to date them?

If you want to see another example from some of our online sets and models, refresh this page.
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